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(P) KatDog Punishment
Kym Wilde comes home to find torn newspapers and pee in her kitchen. She is pissed and punishes KatDog for her misbehavior.
(D) Kendra Domination
This is a playful scene with two gorgeous red heads, Kendra and Ivy.
(S) Ivy Submission
Ivy comes back to be dominated by Cowgirl. Tied to a cold steel rack, she receives the cane vs. the vibrator treatment.
(O) Girlie Obedience
Girlie gets dominated by Chanta. She is face slapped, choked, spanked, caned, whipped, her pussy is filled up with an inflatable dildo and fingers are added. She is forced to fuck Chanta with a dildo gag and then gets fucked hard with a strapon.
(H) Andrea Humiliation
Andrea loses some very important buisness files. Before firing her, she is humiliated, punished, and fucked by the boss bitch (Janay) and her shady assistant (Karina).
(D) Kym Wilde Domination
Girlie is transformed into Girlie Dog. She is not allowed to speak, only bark. Kym Wilde makes her fetch, eat dog food and hump her leg. She takes a rectum temperature reading when Girlie Dog feels hot and double penetrates her when she behaves well.
(S) Casandra Submission
Casandra and her master have been fans of WhippedAss for some time now. She does this very hot scene with Chanta as a birthday gift to him for his and your viewing pleasure.
(D) Heaven Lee Discipline
Heaven Lee returns with more bondage and discipline by Chanta. She is made to lick ass for the first time. A true slave will do anything she is told to do.
(S) Audrey Clothespin S&M
Audrey is new to S&M and naturaly tends to giggle when nervous. This was fuel for Kym to put her in place. After some face slapping, flogging, hair pulling and interesting candle play, there were no more giggles to be heard.

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